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King's Express Chinese Food

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Popular Dishes:

Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls

Sweet and Sour Chicken balls are a type of modern Chinese food served in Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. A piece of white chicken wrapped in special crispy batter coating. It comes with its best partner -- Sweet and Sour sauce.

Price: $10.60

Beef with Broccoli

Soft taste beef fried with fresh Broccoli is a common Chinese food ordered by lots of customers. A special gravy sauce is the key to conquer everyone's tongue.

Price: $12.00

General Tao's Chicken

A Chinese food has been associated with the name of Zuo Zongtang(1812-1885).General Tao's chicken is a sweet, slightly spicy, deep-fried chicken dish that is popularly served in most Chinese and Asian themed American restaurants
(Peking Style Sweet & Sour with Bredded Chicken)

Price: $13.20